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MAY 2023

May 08 2023
The Aftermath of Cyclone Freddy
When In Malawi, Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi in March, the storm killed hundreds, displaced more than 500,000, and left overwhelmed rescue workers burrowing through the mud with their bare hands. …
May 05 2023
Climate Data for Community Action
#HappeningNow Tune in to the LIVE #RFBreakthrough: Climate Data for Community Action to hear experts from DataKind, Ecological Citizen's Project & Initiative for Energy Justice discuss solutions using data to …

APRIL 2023

Apr 25 2023
The Keep IT Cool Factory at Work
Lake Turkana fish arrive at the Keep IT Cool factory in Nairobi and are prepped for delivery to consumers around Nairobi, from five-star restaurants to low-income wholesalers. Keep IT Cool …
Apr 25 2023
Solar-Powered Coolers Help Keep Prices Low
Beatrice Akinyi Odhiambo owns Orieko’s Fish Supplies in a low-income neighborhood. Her solar-powered cooler from Keep IT Cool helps her provide Lake Turkana fish to her customers at an affordable …
Apr 19 2023
Fortified Whole Grain Porridge for Early Learners
All 40,000 students in Early Childhood Development Centers in Kenya’s Murang’a County get fortified whole grain porridge as a morning meal each school day, in a program run by Food4Education …
Apr 19 2023
Promoting Equity for Atlanta's Entrepreneurs of Color
ACE | Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs has a simple mission, to help diverse small business owners achieve their dreams. The organization provides funding to enterprises that are often overlooked by …