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Working to increase access to and availability of Good Food across Africa through institutional procurement

Advancing Regenerative Agriculture

The need for food systems that serve the planet is clear. That is why we are outfitting markets with clean and sustainable infrastructure and investing in smarter and more regenerative procurement practices that support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while renewing the planet. Through this work, we are helping to build more efficient and resilient supply networks that restore land and increase soil nutrients and organic content to deliver Good Food to vulnerable populations and create economic opportunity along the way.

Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda
  • 58.6million

    people face acute food insecurity in the East African region

  • 650million

    people are affected by severe land degradation in Africa, negatively impacting nearly half of all productive land

  • 90%of the African

    population, both urban and rural, depend on open markets for their food

Our Work and Impact

Building more efficient, restorative, and resilient supply networks, strengthened by supportive policies, that deliver Good Food to all and protect the planet.

two women watering plants in a field.

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